Massage Therapy for Pediatrics

Massage & Developing Gymnastics for Kids

The first year of life is a very important stage of the child's physical development. One of the main tasks of this period is the development of the musculoskeletal system and preparation for the first steps. Massage and developing gymnastics are very effective means for achieving this goal in newborn children and serve as an excellent method for treating and calming the baby, help to quickly fall asleep, help to remove some pain. Also massage is an excellent means for developing communication skills of the child.

Massage & Ritual for Kids

Age from 7 days to 15 years

1. Early Developing Massage

Early Developing Massage is an instrumental tool in developing the baby’s emotional and social cues. By stimulating the baby through massage therapy, baby will become more engaged and connected and develop key bonding skills that can help them develop the abilities they need to interact with others and create strong relationships. This can work to ease pain in a child and help soothe a baby as the gentle touch of massage is often what the baby needs to relax and feel comfortable.

2. Infants Dough Abhyangam (7 days - 3 months)

Herbal dough made into a bolus, dipped into the medicated oil and full body massage is given. It improves blood circulation, tones the muscles and reduce the colic.

3. Baby Developing (3 months - 15 years)

Full body massage for kids with herbal oil, it helps to reduce the body soreness, improve sleep & immunity.

4. Kids Abhyangam (3 months -15 years)

Medicated oil massage helps to improve digestion, aids growth and development, better sleep, relieves muscular tension, relaxes the body and smoothens the skin.

5. Baby Kizhi

Herbal bundle dipped into the medicated oil and massage given to the body. It enhance the immune system, strengthen the bones and tone the muscles.

6. Massage with Dry Floating Water Bed

Relaxing in the dry floatation bed makes the baby feel still in womb of mother. It stimulate the growth hormone, improve the happiness and sleep level.

7. Decoction Herbal Bath (7 days - 6 months)

Soothe the topical inflammation and skin irritations. It helps to relax, improve skin complexion and sleep.

8. Herbal Body Mask for Babies

Mild body mask with organic herbs applied to the baby’s delicate skin. It helps to keep the skin soft and attain a fair skin tone and defends baby from infectious germs.