Colon Cleansing

Colon Hydrotherapy is a soft washing of the entire colon with purified filtered water at body temperature. It hydrates the large intestine and flushes out undesirable toxic matter that often builds up over the passage of time. The process lasts around 45 minutes and is not painful at all.

What is it?

Colon Hydrotherapy is an important part of detoxification. It is an effective method for cleansing the colon and the intestinal tract from toxins, non-eliminated waste and unhealthy bacteria.

With the help of modern colon therapy equipment, ultraviolet water filtration spring-cleans the colon and the rest of the large intestine, releases toxins, improves the immune system, enhances the digestion, controls weight, reduces cellulite, helps remedy skin conditions, and revitalizes the body as a whole.

As medicine evolved and technology advanced, Colon Hydrotherapy became the most accessible, safe and affordable way of cleansing the body from accumulations in the colon which may cause poisoning and general ill-health.

How does it work?

It basically uses ultraviolet filtrated water, pumped at regulated pressure created by a special equipment, to irrigate the colon under the supervision of a professional physician. Ozone or herbs can optionally be added to the water for better results.

Patients are not exposed to any unpleasant odors during the process, which lasts only about 30-45 minutes, and may continue with the day’s activities immediately afterwards.

According to individual needs, the physician can advise on the number of sessions required for optimal results.

Conditions treated: Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a treatment of choice in constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, candida and yeast infections, allergies, skin disorders, bad body odor, arthritis, chronic fatigue and gastritis.


Cardiac problems, over obesity, kidney problems, bleeding piles, bowel cancer, bowel surgery and pregnancy.